Sunday, August 31, 2008


Ancient words, well used,

Spoken again, calm and soothe

My spirit at peace


The prayer asks that he

Forgives us as we forgive

We’re responsible

Thursday, August 28, 2008


The tower is tall
It's strong and it keeps out all
the things that bring pain
I hide there sometimes
when thoughts of you crowd my mind
and I can't let go
I understand you
Better than you know yourself
I see the forest
You made me believe
You let me be romantic
But you don't believe
Actions speak louder
You told me that was bullshit
But I was right, then
No dignity left
And so I swiftly retreat
Back where you found me
Alone and lonely
Crying, broken, cowering
And you walk away

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Haiku Very Early Saturday Morning v 2.0

Clouds gather out there

The same clouds gather in here

My life is stormy


New schools for them both

Why do I dread this Monday?

They will be just fine.


Watching Olympics

For hours upon hours

The best of the best


Fires burn, my heart aches

I miss your touch and your voice

I need to see you


Fingertips tease me

My skin, all tingly and warm

You know what I need


An innocent hug

Nothing to the outside world

Everything to me

Friday, August 15, 2008


My biggest fear is

That if I just walk away

You will let me go

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Haiku Very Early Saturday Morning

Are you judging me
As you harshly judge yourself?
We were both willing.


Killing me sweetly
With words I want to believe
But somehow, just don't.


Focusing on myself
To shift my focus from us
I see the results


Heat rises and sways
Shimmering in the morning
Punishing my skin


Tears swell in my eyes
My hero has feet of clay
We're all imperfect.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Flip Side

And the flip side of

"When you say it, you mean it,"

Is where my tears fall


Drink my thoughts

and taste the salt in the river

kiss my face and

taste the salt in my tears

make imperfect, lovely caramels and

add salt from the Med

add vodka to pink lemonade slushies and make virgin margaritas

with coarse salt on the rim of the glass

tattoo your name on my hip and my heart and

spill your salty seed across my belly and

love me

love me

love me


I want to ask you why

My silence doesn't say anything

But yours speaks volumes

Haiku Thursday

Just for my friend Marvin...


We burned hot and bright
Irrational thoughts and needs
Nothing gold can stay.

A poor substitute
Chips Deluxe Chocolate Lovers
Not as good as you

Alone in my room
Drinking wine from the bottle
The small, small bottle

Important Things About Me in Haiku
I read very fast
Sometimes a whole paragraph
My eyes absorb words

My Grandfather was
the youngest Texas Ranger
when he was a boy

I am not afraid
Of needles or giving blood
I give my own shots

If I work at it
My handwriting is gorgeous
Normally I’m rushed

I just cannot wink
No matter how hard I try
And I don’t know why