Friday, June 12, 2009

Haiku Friday - 4 day Weekend Edition!

Hours stretch ahead
Lazy, empty, nourishing
My heart, my soul, rest.

Walking away is
Not nearly as easy as
You would think it is

Things in practice
Are never as easy as
They are in theory

Hot humidity
Hugs as tight as your old aunt
At the reunion

Parts of me need things
That other parts of me know
Are very bad things

Weigh in is today
Hoping for a decent loss
4 days to first goal

Sparkling blue water
A trip to the library
Cleaning the kitchen

Tan lines and flip flops
Beach reads and sunscreen and heat
Summertime is here

Filling in bare spots
Mowing, weeding and trimming
I want more flowers

Useless but pretty
A small shot of happiness
Maybe it's enough

The Farmer's Market
Calls to me but not the kids
Going anyway!

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